Tot timpul informata! E cool sa fii Femeie!

The Interview: Rule 5 for Freedom

Un film ce s-a dorit comedie, pentru romani este o aducere aminte despre comunism: The Interview!

E OK daca ar fi sa urmarim fetele din film. Am gasit ceva bun in acest film, asa cum in 50 Shades of Grey, am gasit muzica!

here is not much to review for the Interview since Sony is in full on panicked retreat, but in spirit of Rule 5 and freedom of speech will not be denied:

But others co-starred in this:
 Diana Bang plays Sook
Anesha Bailey plays Janet
Michelle Kim plays one of the hot Korean girlfriends of Kim Jong Un
Lia Lam is also in the film


Fritzworth in AoSHQ had this movie. This may be better than The Interview

Wow ce trafic in Coreea de Nord:

Apropos, nu era mai util un semafor acolo? 🙂


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